Within 6 weeks HAIR STABIL tonic reduces the loss of hair around 60%.


HAIR STABIL tonic and shampoo have been specially developed by Indian and German scientists for hair care using natural extracts that optimally complement each other.

HAIR STABIL tonic provides the hair with life giving nutrients .it’s necessary to know that hair primarily consists of keratin .HAIR STABIL tonic contains these amino acids that promote the production of keratine.

HAIR STABIL tonic also contains substances to promote blood circulation of the hair roots.

A medical oil is isolated from herb ,that has been known to Indian folk medicine for thousands of years with the scientific name Psoralea corylifolia Linn  ensures a healthy scalp.

This plant is harmonically combined with our native herbs :Stinging nettle,Yarrow ,Sage,Colts foot and rosemary and with other active ingredients such as Lecithin,which all help to stop itching and warm the scalp,have antibacterial effects and generate the epidermis.

The effects of HAIR STABIL tonic:

  • The natural medicinal herb oil cleanses the scalp.
  • The native herbal extracts meaningfully supplemented by other active ingredients,maintain the health of scalp,promote blood flow and tone the scalp.
  • The specially chosen amino acids ,compounded to a particular proportion promote the formation of keratin that makes up hair.
  • Panthenol repairs brittle and broken hair.
  • Lecithin and vitamin E acetate strengthen the hair care for it and protect it from environment.
  • Piroctone olamine combats dandruff and itching

HAIR STABIL shampoo is the trusty partner of HAIR STABIL tonic that supports the good work of HAIR STABIL tonic during regular hair washing.

It’s ingredients include natural extracts and an anti-dandruff substance,that helps to protect your hair ,makes it soft and easy to comb.The sheen ,feel and structure of your hair will be visibly improved and the troublesome dandruff is enduringly combated.

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