• Zinc
  • Copper
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Citrus ¬†bioflavonoides


ZINCTRON¬†is a nutritional supplement with high bioavailability containing Zinc,Copper and other trace elements chelated with aminoacids(Human Minerals) in addition to synergistic vitamins necessary for Zinc absorption and utilization to perform it’s physiological role.

Zinc is a required cofactor for a variety of enzymes which function is nearly every major metabolic pathway.

Zinc absorption has been shown to be considerably higher in presence of aminoacid chelated minerals (Human Minerals) and ascorbic acid.


  • Hypognesia(decrease in taste acuity).
  • Dysgensia(perverted taste)
  • Hyposmia(decrease olfactory acuity)
  • Enhances immune system therapy aiding in the prevention of infectious disease.
  • Zinc levels reduction in human body due to stress ,diarrhea,diabetes,liver disease and kidney disease.
  • Enhancement of immune function therapy aiding in the prevention of infectious disease.
  • Male infertility (oligozoospermia).
  • Enhancement of memory and thinking skills as Zinc boosts brain activity.
  • Prostste gland and other reproductive organs disorders(Notable improvement in sex life caused by improvement of sexual functions as a the result of healthy prostste function).
  • Anti-oxidant helping to protect the body from free radical damage.one of the most important areas for this action appears to be the prostate gland and low Zinc levels are risk factors for prostate cancer.
  • Help in maintaining and restoring the health of hair and nails as well as healing skin wounds.
  • Decrease duration and severity of common cold symptoms when taken in the beginning of common cold.
  • Deficiency of Zinc during pregnancy(Avoid birth defects and low birth weight and neurocognentive development in children).
  • Key nutrient involved in wound healing.




One capsule daily.

All minerals are aminoacid chelated.

All vitamins are in the natural form.

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