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About AL-Mawarid Pharma

Al Mawarid Pharma is a Jordanian drug store, which has diversified business in Jordan, GCC countries, Iraq and some African countries.

It is a highly qualified local agent and distributer of pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, cosmeceutical, Herbal, food supplement, Medical Equipment, cosmetics and other health care products.

Al Mawarid Pharma Prides to hold a position among the most creative, successful and important pharma companies in Jordan and in the MENA region.

Al Mawarid Pharma portfolio comprises of prime pharmaceutical and health care product manufacturers, including:

  • Biotron Labs – USA (Food Supplements, Multivitamins, Herbal)
  • Nerhadou International for Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals – Egypt (Food Supplements, Multivitamins, Herbal)
  • Montavit – Austria (Pharmaceutical Products)
  • Pharmacare Europe Ltd – UK (Herbal, Multi-Vitamins, Food Supplements)
  • Advanced Biomedical Srl. – Italy (Herbal, Multi vitamins, Food Supplements)
  • Darvidis S.A. – Switzerland (Cosmeceutical)
  • Novapharm – Germany (Hair Care)
  • Innoceutics – Belgium (Food Supplements & Herbal)
  • Acorn Stair Lifts- UK (Stair Lifts)
  • EPO – Italy (Herbals)
  • Gattefosse – France (Excepients)
  • Seppic – France (Excepients)
  • Reddy’s – India (active ingredients)
  • Nectar – India (active ingredients)
  • Nutrilo – Germany

Al Mawarid Pharma prides in its own effective and aggressive sales force and comprehensive distribution network. Through out its long experience in the pharmaceutical field, Al Mawarid Pharma has maintained a distinguished reputation in Jordan’s private and public sectors.

Al Mawarid Pharma management members has a long and extensive experience in marketing and sales of pharmaceutical, health care and related products throughout the last 30 years in different countries in the Middle East, each one of the group is capable of delivering consistent performance, has proven track record in sales management with long experience in marketing planning, finance, training, and HR management.

The Managing director, Dr. Jamal Hejaz, has over 30 years experience with GSK (Glaxo-SmithKline) & Local Pharma Companies in Jordan, Saudi Arabia & other MENA region countries.

Sales & Marketing Director, Dr. Tareq Hejazi, has over 20 years experience with multinational and local pharmaceutical companies including Roche Pharmaceuticals, APM and JPM.

Al Mawarid Pharma has the power and professionals enough to establish and grow the business and achieve the ambitious targets agreed upon.

Al Mawarid Pharma strengths over other competitors lay behind the management staff’s extensive and long experience.

Our Mission

Continually uphold amicable relationship with principals and clients, as well as consumers, through diligent and efficient work and positive attitude. Maintain undivided and equal attention to all represented products while reflecting the accurate brands’ and principals’ image.

Our Strategy

Expand Al Mawarid Pharma representation to include a wide, interactive and complimentary but non-conflicting product range that would optimize local sales, beneficial to Al Mawarid Pharma and satisfying to principals’ aspiration.

Our Values


  • We are committed to customers’ satisfaction as our most important business objective.
  •  We value and pursue long term relationship with our customers.


  • We operate with, develop and retain the most talented people who are accountable, creative, profit conscious, highly skilled and quick learners.
  • We are committed to retaining our most significant competitive advantage.
  •  We create multi functional, cross trained teams dedicated to achieving a high standard of customer service.
  • We empower people with responsibility and accountability at all levels.
  • We develop management which is customer focused, pro-active, urgent, empowering and flexible, embraces, change, and eliminates waste and bureaucracy.


Our success depends upon honest, thoughtful and ethical relationship with our customers employees and principals.

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